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APRIL – JUNE 1999 www.carylodge198.org Vol. 3, No. 2 


CARY LODGE # 198 A.F. & A.M.


Brethren, as we are now at the halfway point of this year, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the help and support given to me and all the officers this year. I am very appreciative of the support at our fundraisers and our degree work. As our DDGM said at our district meeting, perfect practice makes perfect degrees. Thanks to each of you for your time and effort put into the practices and degrees. A candidate can go through each degree only once in his life and a good degree may determine how he looks at doing a degree when his time comes to serve on a degree team.

I would like to also thank everyone for the help in scheduling the lodge building and remind everyone that November and December can get crowded. Please let me know if you need to reserve it. The church asked for a weeks notice to remove their furniture. So far for the month of Nov. the lodge is booked for the first through fourth Mondays, all Tuesdays, first Friday, Nov. 5 for Lodge Barbecue, and Nov. 20 for our Lodge Awards and Ladies Night Dinner. December has the same Mondays and Tuesdays booked, December 2 for Cary Shrine Club, and December 9 for Cary Chapter No. 366, OES.

Looking ahead, we will have a third degree on July 5 (if the candidate is ready) and we will have a family cookout prior to the meeting. Bring your wife, children, grandchildren, etc. This should be a great time to recover from the 4th of July weekend. Come out and enjoy the fellowship. Later in the year we will have an oyster stew (and other food for folks like me and a few others I can think of). Check for this date on our lodge’s web site, www.carylodge198.org.

The months of June and July are two months in which we should remember our veterans and the birth or our nation. We attend and enjoy lodge meetings because of these two events: the birth of our nation, which brought freedom and the veterans which won it and have sustained it. Ever since it was won, there has and will always be a price to be paid by our people in uniform.

A closing note, if you know of a Brother who is sick or in the hospital please let me know. Also, when we become aware of these situations, let’s give our Brother or his family a call or visit to let them know we care.

Sincerely and fraternally,

Walter Highsmith, Jr. Master, Cary Lodge No. 198


1999 Officers

Master Walter Highsmith, Jr.

Senior Warden Charles English

Junior Warden Forrest Cannady

Treasurer Thomas Stephenson, Jr.

Secretary Carson Clippard, Jr.

Senior Deacon Thomas Stephenson, Sr.

Junior Deacon Kevin Hall

Senior Steward Daniel Dyson, Jr.

Junior Steward Bill Ross, Jr.

Chaplain Gerald Edwards

Tyler Thomas Davenport, Jr.


J. Elbert Hockaday, PM Chairman

Charles Early, PM

Austin Rich, Jr., PM

Woodley Kennedy, PM

Jeff Daniel, PM


Lodge Stated Communication 1st & 3rd Monday 7:30

Lodge Officers Rehearsal Every Sunday 7:00

DeMolay Chapter Meeting 2nd & 4th Monday 7:30

Edith Chapter--OES 1st & 3rd Tuesday

Cary Chapter--OES 2nd & 4th Tuesday


On April 20th Cary Lodge’s Internet web site was launched. If you have access to a computer and the Internet, you can keep up with events and doings of YOUR lodge. Access the site at www.carylodge198.org and you will find some interesting pages.

The Trestle Board will still be mailed on a quarterly basis pending activity and communication that needs to be sent to the brethren as a whole.

However, with the web page on line now, brethren with access to the Internet can keep abreast of current events, not only with our lodge but also with the other Masonic bodies that meet in our lodge building.



The next reunion of the Valley of Raleigh will be a special one day reunion on Thursday October 7, 1999. This will be held at the Raleigh Masonic Temple located at 1520 Caswell St.

To any brother who has not received the degrees of the Scottish Rite, this will be an excellent time to join. You will receive the 320 of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite upon completion of the day’s events.

To obtain a petition or for more information, contact Bro. Kevin Hall, your lodge’s Ambassador to the Valley of Raleigh.


June 24 Grand Masters Area Visit at Hiram 40 lodge.

                                                            June 26 St. John’s Day in Oxford

July 5 Family cookout at Lodge. 5:00 PM. This is also a stated communication.

September 10 Cary Shrine Club- Fish Fry located at Mayfair Plaza Time: 10 am to 7 PM

November 5 Cary Lodge 198 Fall Barbecue.

November 20 Cary Lodge 198 Annual Awards and Ladies Banquet.

December 6 Cary Lodge Annual Meeting- Election of Officers for 2000

-------------------------------------------- Sick, injured or hospitalized? Let your brothers know. We do care!

Lodge Meetings, 26th Masonic District

Apex Lodge # 584 2nd Monday

Fuquay Lodge # 258 1st & 3rd Tuesday

Green Level Lodge # 277 1st Tuesday

Holly Springs Lodge # 115 2nd & 4th Tuesday


Other Masonic Bodies

Scottish Rite Bodies 2nd Thursday Raleigh Masonic Temple, 1520 Caswell St.

York Rite Bodies 1st Friday Raleigh Masonic Temple, 1520 Caswell St.

Amran Shrine Temple 4th Wednesday Amran Temple, 11101 Creedmoor Rd.



Help needed!! Do you have any news or articles of interest to the brethren. The editor will be pleased to accept your article for inclusion in YOUR newsletter.

Please submit any news for the good of Masonry to Kevin Hall at webmaster@carylodge198.org or call 380-1635.

I want to thank the brethren who have commented on the newsletter and the material in it.

Kevin C. Hall


Write to our kids at the Masonic Home for Children at Oxford. They sure would appreciate any correspondence from you.

Logon to YOUR lodge's Web Site at:


Our Spring Barbecue was very successful where we raised close to $5,000 for our Masonic Charities. Many thanks to the Brethren who supported this event.
Our next barbecue is scheduled for November 5.


Mark your calendar for Saturday November 20TH, as this will be our Annual Awards and Ladies Night Banquet. Dinner will start at 6:30 PM. After dinner, the MHC Choir will sing. After the children sing, Bethel No. 2, Job’s Daughters will perform their closing cross ceremony. You don’t won’t to miss either one of these groups.

Please set aside this evening and join us. More to follow on this.


Raymond B. Morgan, DeMolay Chapter Walter Isenhour, II, Master Councilor

As the newly installed Master Councilor, I would like to bring to bring to your attention some of the activities that Raymond B. Morgan Order of DeMolay plan to participate in. During my term, we have planning to hold at least one car wash, have another prospect "lock in", go on a deep sea fishing trip, sponsor a Masonic Appreciation night, and help with the lodge's barbecue. We hold our meetings on the second and fourth Monday's. As you are already aware, as Masons you are invited to come to any DeMolay meeting. I would like to take this opportunity to personally invite all of you to attend.


If you need to reserve any part of the lodge, make ALL requests through the Master. He is keeping the calendar of events with him, therefore, there is no calendar on the secretary’s desk to reference.